A Different Approach to Sales

A Different Approach to Sales

Different Approach To Sales

I realised you need to be serving your clients and customers, not selling to them. Now that feels better, doesn’t it? That simple shift in your mindset may just make all the difference.

The method of Serve Selling focuses on persuading, not manipulating. It is based on getting someone to buy because it’s better for them, not you.


Let’s break Serve Selling down:

  1. Serve instead of sell – When you have a sales offering, assume the role of a servant versus a salesperson. Take away the fake concern and manipulation. Focus on the real pain points and challenges your customer is facing. Now how does your product help them?


  1. Do your research! Prior to your sales call or meeting, research every option for your client and be sure your offering is the best fit for your customers’ unique needs.


  1. You need to be convinced. Yes you. You need to be the most convinced that your offering is the best fit for your customer. If you believe it will be of service to them, your communication will be clear, sincere, and well received.


  1. You bridge the gap. There is a gap between a customer’s fear and the end result they can obtain through your sale. Make sure you can show them what their benefits will be.


  1. Go into your sales as a servant. Tear away the fake concern while actually manipulating them to do what you want.


  1. Selling is not telling. Selling is satisfying your customer.


  1. Every time you make a sales call, make it a service call. I am positive your sales will improve.

I am all about getting you resources to help you navigate through these choppy waters we are facing.

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My friends. There will be good days and not so good days. Just remember – YOU’VE GOT THIS!

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