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Managing Stress

Managing Stress as a Leader

In today’s active and connected world, now more than ever, learning and using stress management techniques are critical to your physical, emotional and mental health. Stress management skills often don’t come naturally, so learning new stress management skills can help you to cope better with life’s daily challenges.

Using the latest in leadership thinking and neuroscience our workshop in Mindful Leadership Techniques focuses on tools and techniques to assist you in managing stress better. 

The workshop begins with an assessment of how you react to stress and stressful situations and then utilising Mindful techniques, help you to manage these reactions in healthier ways.

However, when emotions are running high or you’re feeling anxious and stressed, it can be tempting to make snap decisions. This is especially dangerous in the workplace. A few minutes spent relaxing in a quiet environment can help put things back in perspective and inspire you to handle frustration in a more rational, professional way.

On this last note, I have provided some simple methods for you to immediately manage some stresses and refresh your mind. You only need five minutes and it will work wonders!

  • Make a schedule to take 5 and follow it. Every two to three hours is ideal, but you might want to adjust this accordingly. Just don’t let yourself do it “whenever you feel like it” because, chances are, you’ll get distracted and won’t follow through. Plus, part of the impact comes from the routine. When you don’t think you need to do it, you often have the most powerful experiences.
  • Keep the breaks short. Don’t dawdle and waste time. This isn’t a real “break”. It’s a brain break. Five minutes is ideal.
  • Have an established place to go where it’s quiet and you won’t be bothered. If possible, go outside and stand in a ray of sunshine (or if you are in the UK, somewhere it isn’t raining).
  • Don’t DO anything. This isn’t a break to run an errand, pick up lunch or chat with a co-worker. Resist the urge to multi-task. Your only responsibility for these five minutes is to yourself.

Even if you’re totally absorbed in a project, breaking your stride is actually a really GOOD thing. It gives you a chance to take a step back, shift your perspective, and gain clarity. Sometimes, we get so deeply focused on the details; we lose sight of the bigger goals. A few minutes to reflect and mentally reorganise can do wonders for creativity and enthusiasm.

I hope this helps and if you have any feedback I would be glad to hear it. If you would like any further information on the Mindful Leadership Techniques workshop, then please feel free to contact me.

By Grant Stanley 2016

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