Recruitment in 2020

Recruitment in 2020

Recruitment in 2020

There is a HUGE opportunity for Businesses right now; with the uncertainty and redundancies created by Covid-19, there are some quality candidates on the market for hire. Is your business capitalising on this or are you out-sourcing recruitment?

Traffic Wardens get a very raw deal in my opinion.  Why? Because they regularly feature at the head of those persistent “Most Hated Profession” league tables that PRs love so much (ironically, PRs are also universally reviled in these rankings, normally level-pegging with Estate Agents).

But, I contend that if you ran a survey among Human Resources professionals as to their most hated occupation, our old friends ‘Recruitment Consultants’ would romp home with a larger margin of victory than Usain Bolt.

I’ve never – and I mean this  – met any company owner who thinks that recruitment consultants are anything less than mercenary bandits who charge exorbitant fees, and provide very little in exchange.

It’s a bit like the poser ‘what are wasps for?’   There is no positive answer.

I’ve met plenty of candidates – many during interviews – who naively defend their decision to supply their CVs to a recruitment consultant as being their understanding of how the job market works.

Says who?  ………………Well, I think you can guess.

It’s very rare for the media to criticise the role recruitment consultants play in the professional sector.  And no wonder, when one looks at how much money publishers make from recruitment consultants via advertising.  Why, there are even recruitment awards to honour their efforts!

So how do you choose which consultancy to use, if at all?

Is it down to cost alone or is it because the consultants are friendly?  Is it because they are a well-known brand or because they have managed to supply you the right person in the past?  Or is it a combination of all the above?

My personal opinion of Recruitment consultants in the past has been poor owing to the fact that I have given up my time and energy to explain exactly what I want, for it to be promptly ignored!  Then been inundated with CV’s that bare no relevance to my exhaustive role descriptions!

When considering recruitment consultancies it may be like choosing a replacement car.  You can buy a 1999 Ford Escort but, you know it is going to be unreliable and not too pleasant to drive in.  However, if you spend a bit more money and consideration you then decide to buy the Mercedes that is reliable, consistent in quality and looks good!  Remember, a recruitment company, once engaged, becomes a marketing branch of YOUR Company!  How do you want YOUR Company to be viewed?

Within our companies, we use various metrics to measure the effectiveness and ROI for every department. Do we ever apply any metrics to Recruitment Agencies?

For me, I will NEVER put “Industry Experience” in the Role description!!!!!!

Why? This seems crazy! Are you Mad?

No! This is a sensible option. Human Resources and Poor Managers think that someone with relevant industry experience will automatically be better than someone from outside the industry and will be able to hit the road running; minimising ramp-up times.

This is Universally Untrue and Evidenced by many Studies worldwide!

Your Company has a culture, a specific way of doing things, a sales methodology that works for you, corporate governance, a social responsibility policy and measurement metrics. Every other company should have the exact same things, but they are not the same as yours! Yours are unique to you. So why would you employ someone from a competitor? If he/she has “Industry Experience” then, they can only have come from one of your competitors right?

Why are they leaving? Were they not meeting targets? Did they not fit in with the team? Did they lose confidence in the marketplace? Can you call their last manager for a reference?

These are all things going through my mind when I am presented with someone from the same sector.

If I am going to pay a recruitment consultant 15-25% commission, I want to know they have earned that commission! I don’t want them to wait for a job spec from me and then stick rigidly to it.


Because that is easy for them and they do very little work! They post the job Spec, they wait for the hundreds of applicants, use simple software to filter those without the matching criteria and then present you with 3/4 “Suitable” candidates.

How much time and effort goes into that? And for a price of anything up to £10k per position! That is absolute MADNESS!

I want the Recruitment consultant to present me with candidates that meet MY company culture and values, that have an appetite for learning, a pedigree of verifiable success. I want the Recruitment consult to have looked outside of the box and to work for their money! £2,000 to £10,000 is a lot of money, but MY time is worth money too!

I do not want to be sat interviewing candidates from the same industry, only to identify the flaws that has made them want to jump ship in the first place. That is the role of the agency I am employing! This wastes my time and my money!

In an Ideal World, I want a Recruitment Consultant to be presenting me with three candidates, that they have personally interviewed, have personally vetted for authenticity and that are from a range of Industries. This minimises MY time used, I know the money I have invested is more constructively spent, and I get to meet the BEST available talent in the market, regardless of Industry Sector!

When you are next speaking to a Recruitment consultant, ask them this:

“What are MY Company Values?” If they have invested time in researching, asking questions and building a relationship with you, then they will KNOW!!!

If not, then how are they expecting to present the BEST candidates for interview?

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