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Grant Stanley

In a world where Executives and Companies face countless challenges, Grant Stanley provides a unique approach that not only guides clients through these obstacles, but also teaches them how to handle possible future challenges.


With a focus on Leadership Development, Smart Decision-Making, and Creative-Problem Solving, Grant Stanley has been helping the professional community since 2002. His clients include Start-up Founders, Corporate Executives, and Organisations of all sizes.


​As an Industry recognised expert, Grant has authored many Business Guides and Articles and is regularly published in the Harvard Business Review, Inc., Forbes and


A selection of his most sought-after guides is available on this websites Store page.



Sales Training

Sales Training works for both Field based salespeople and in-house Telesales teams. We would also encourage the participation of your Customer Service teams as well, as they are often in a position to up-sell or retain customers.

Effective Marketing

Marketing is a constantly changing field, with new technologies and innovations influencing the way marketers work. Whether your team is in-house or agency based or if you are simply looking for new ideas to market your business, let us guide you through this minefield.

Executive Coaching

Whether you have an under-performing Sales Executive or you want to become a more productive and effective leader, we support and guide your progression to success.


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What People say

DSG Retail Ltd

Adam Spurr
Managing Director / Genesis Communications

“Our teams are working together, we’ve optimised our processes, and we have more time to spend on strategy. Grant Stanley has been a big part of that.”

The BT Phone Book

Gordon Adamson
Regional Director / British Telecom

“Grant is very approachable and always willing to give time offering bundles of support, guidance and help. Shows great enthusiasm for his brand and is very successful at maximising Brand potential. I feel that he has a genuine interest and I would recommend him to anyone.”


Fiona Marechal
Chief Delivery Officer

“Grant Stanley allowed us to get much closer to our customers and build trust in the Yell brand; from the moment a customer visits our website all the way through the entire customer journey.”


Max Jeffry
Product Marketing Manager

“At a personal level I still use the practical tools Grant provided. They are relevant for every department in the organisation from HR and Marketing to Manufacturing.”

David Tang
Founder & CEO /

“Grant has authored several in-depth business guides for Flevy, as well as contributed numerous articles for our business blog. He has very deep functional and industry expertise. I have always been amazed by the breadth of Grant’s knowledge, which range from behavioural economics to digital marketing strategy.”


Mohammed Eglain
General Manager UK

“Grant has transformed our Sales Process! His inclusive Sales Training Programme has evolved our interactions with customers through Consultative Selling and Discovery Questioning. Grant designed a lasting legacy that has massively increased our productivity.”

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